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Customer Care


Product Questions

  • Can you do custom orders?

At this time, all of the bouquets we offer are shown on the website. If you want a custom order, please contact us on 22455029 – 99531958 or visit us at Pino Flowers, Salhiya. 

  • How is Pino Flowers different?

Pino Flowers takes pride in providing an exceptional product:  

- We offer matching or contrasting color tones to achieve a more elegant, sophisticated, and contemporary look than a typical arrangement. Our bouquets really highlight the beauty of each individual flower type.     We ship all flowers fresh and arranged the very same day for your satisfaction.  

Pino Flowers delivers your flowers fresh, while they are still in the bud stage. With proper care they will fully bloom.  

  • Do you sometimes substitute flowers?

Yes, due to changes in availability, flower substitutions are sometimes necessary.  

  • How long do the bouquets last?

Bouquets vary in life depending upon the particular flower. Every Pino Flowers bouquet is designed to last at least 7 days with proper care.  

  • How do I take care of my flowers?
    • Put the included flower food into a clean vase.  
    • Fill the vase with lukewarm water.  
    • Cut the stems diagonally with a sharp utensil and remove any leaves that are below water.   
    • Recut the stems and replenish with fresh water every other day.  
    • Some flowers will bloom and wilt at different rates. Remove any wilted flowers as your bouquet ages.  

Note: Please be aware that the stamen of all types of lilies except for calla lilies can stain your clothes, table cloths, or any other material. In order to prevent this you can either gently pull the stamen out or make sure that you do not touch it with textiles or other materials.

  • Do you provide wedding flowers or bridal bouquets?

While some of our bouquets are hand-tied, they are not intended to be bridal bouquets. If you are looking for floral arrangements for events and weddings you can contact us on 22455029 – 99531958.

Customer Care Questions  
  •  Is it safe to make a purchase with my credit card online?

Pino Flowers protects your personal information using industry standard SSL encryption and firewalls.  

  • When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged after your order has been placed.  

  • Will my personal information be sold to a 3rd party?

Pino Flowers promises to never share or sell your personal information to anyone.  

You cannot cancel the order once it has been placed and delivered. If the order was not yet placed, it is possible that you cancel and ask for a refund. 

  • Do you provide a guarantee?

Pino Flowers’ goal is to exceed your expectations. We promise to do everything possible to ensure you are thrilled with your experience. Should you have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact us on 22455029 – 99531958.


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